How long does it take to get a guardianship or conservatorship?

In Multnomah and Clackamas counties, if no objections are filed during the period from the day a petition to appoint a guardian or conservator for an indefinite period is filed and served (personally served on or otherwise sent to all required persons and agencies in conformance with statutory requirements) to the end of the objection period, it typically takes about four weeks from the date the petition is filed and served until the petitioner?s attorney receives a response from the court.  However, circumstances including court staff days off can result in longer response times.

For petitions for temporary guardianships or temporary conservatorships, the court?s probate department or probate coordinator typically schedules an ex parte hearing for the third judicial day after the petition is filed with the court.  During the scheduled hearing, the judge usually decides whether or not to sign a judgment appointing a temporary guardian or temporary conservator.

If objections are filed, it typically takes significantly more time before the court makes a decision regarding whether or not to appoint a guardian.  After objections are filed, the court usually will schedule a date for a court hearing.  Depending upon the county and the circumstances, the parties may be required to arrange for, participate in (before the scheduled hearing date), and pay additional fees for mandatory probate mediation.