Gresham Elder Law Attorney Kristianne Cox

•         What can you do when your ailing spouse’s or other adult relative’s care needs are exhausting you physically, emotionally and mentally?

•         If you believe that it is time for your ailing spouse or other adult relative to move into a long-term care community (such as assisted living, an adult foster care home, or memory care), can the Medicaid (not Medicare) program help pay for the cost of that long-term care community?

•         What legal steps can you take when you realize that your aging parent is no longer able to adequately care for himself or herself? 

•         What legal steps can you take when your formerly conscientious parent is letting bills go unpaid, or worse, may have become the target of a financial predator?

Family members can make better decisions about these and other difficult questions if they educate themselves first.  Links to a few helpful sites can be reached by clicking on “LINKS TO USEFUL RESOURCES” at the top of this page in the dark blue bar.

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